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Remember Venezuelan "living" here.

As I always say, it is steady 2000 BTC monthly (only measured using LocalBitcoin, there are other exchanges like AIRTM, Uphold, Binance and so on)

Finally, goverment increased the price of the gasoline. Now one litre is 50 USD cents (one gallon is 1.9 USD). Old price was: 1 litre of gasoline = 0.0000000003 USD.

As the wages are that low, you have a subsidized amout of 120 litres monthly (120 litres for 3 USD).

People always ask what the the average salary, not the minimum. Well I would say around 20-50 USD monthly. One doctor is around 30 USD. Teacher around 20 USD. Junior engineer maybe 50 USD (The engineers collegue "suggests" around 200 USD monthly, but it is hard to find a place with these wages)

Any question let me know, AMA. But check my links and sources first.





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