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  1. would just like to say this strategy is highly effective on higher time frames. back test this strategy to find on higher time frames, the risk to reward and hit rate is astonishing. as long as you encorperate technical analysis, dont take trades to the down/upside when the market is in an obvious strong up/downtrend. this strategy is highly effective. back test this strategy, test it out on the 4h and 1 hour time frames, and also the scalping 5m 15m time frames. this is a great strategy if you use it wisely.

  2. May i ask, where do we put a stop lost?
    Also, is it after the change in color candle closed, immediately enter the trade or should wait for confirmation?

  3. Hi Navin, I do like your use of this strategy but your calculating of pips I think is incorrect. You said 7pips, 10pips etc but that was points surely? I'm using MT4 and also another program and the same measurement would be points for me on both platforms.

  4. what about the Stochastic levels ? 80-20 ?
    Another point is: When you enter a trade on M15 timeframe and get let's say 11 or 12 pips like you showed in the video, the spread should take them all I guess, so you won't be winning, right ? especially when you are trading against the trend (higheer timeframe) ?

  5. This is insane, you're trading against the short term trend. The system would be much more successful (less dangerous) if you traded with the trend. Are you deliberately trying to get newbies to lose money?

  6. Never mind. I just realized he's not doing 10 pips (unless this is a 4 digit broker) going for a true 10 pips (which is 100 on the slider) pretty much never works out with this system. 

  7. Hi urban forex. Really like the simplicity of this method. I have one quick question though and I would LOVE you even more if you could take the time to reply PLEASE!!!! 🙂 so my one and only question is this: How accurate is this strategy? (Over a period of … lets say 6 months … percentage wise) 30%? 50% 75%? Or even more? Thanks in advance! And btw awesome work. Awesome videos.


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