Intraday Trading Strategies-Trader series-8 ll SHOWS THE ACCURACY OF UDTS IN LIVE MARKET | IFMC institute – A Stock Market Institute in Delhi NCR.



  1. Sir I'm shekhar mirkar from aurngabad (Maharashtra) learned so much from youh sir♥️♥️♥️♥️ thankuh bahut bada dil se sir♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

  2. Sir,
    Again a very good video and explanation of UDTS…. thanks for sharing….!!
    Essence of this video is to check for last 15 min candle when you go to trade… If it is in same direction, just jump on trade, you will have 99% probability of winning trade!!!
    I suggest – if it is a strong opening for first 45 mins, meaning stock moves in your trend by 3 – 5 %, please wait for correction and let it come to support Price and then again apply Last 15 min candle criteria….. This way again trade would be profitable… Just check….. 😊😊

  3. सर समाजो आज Wednesday है तो मै weekly candle किस हप्तेकी चेक करू इस हप्तेकी या फीछले हप्तेकी प्लीज help मी

  4. Best information teaching by best teacher✌️
    But Sir ek saval hai ki koi stock monthly weekly daily up trend hai aur cmp greater than support aur intraday bhi first 45 min up trend hai Lekin first 45 min me again koi candle big bullish hai to profit nahi hota ya fir stock sideways me rahatat hai . Aisa kyon?
    Is condition me trend lete vakt kya kare guide pl🙏

  5. Sir I have a small doubt, how to note the daily Support or Resistance , suppose I choose a Bullish stock which Monthly, Weekly and Daily trend is Bullish Now I have to note down the daily Support level from the last daily candle ,but there may be a situation arise which is , since having a Bullish trend it's also possible that the last day candle may be Red, then how to take the daily Support, Same way how to take the Resistance level in case of Bearish stock , where the last day candle was Green. Or it doesn't matter whether the last daily candle is Bullish or Bearish. Plz reply… Thank you.

  6. Sir, I have a doubt. At the end of the first trading day of any month, Daily and Monthly candle would be the same. The trend shown in daily and monthly candles would be identical. Is it correct? If yes, is it right to determine monthly trend based on only one day's data? Only on subsequent days the daily and monthly candles would defer.

  7. मैं तो अबतक लॉस में ही हुँ, मेरा स्टॉपलॉस ज्यादातर डेली हिट हो जाता है, क्या करूँ।


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