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  1. can you please teach us or show us your other strategies. do you use any long term strategies ? BTW, i found out about your chanel 4 days ago. i am going to watch your upcoming videos to be convinced into joining ur signals group. but so far i am really liking your work.

  2. I like the basic hit and run strategy. My question: why aren't you using your other two strategies? (Ichimoku and cloned trend lines)

  3. Keep the good work Salah. You are a blessing to so many forex traders through your honest analysis and sharing. God bless u and give u long healthy life to selflessly help mankind

  4. Hello mate. I really like your Scalping and also your Signals but what i would really like to have with the premium-group-signals is also like an extra group where Angela would talk about why she took certain trades. Like explaining 1-2 trades a day. What setup or strong support or smt did make her take this trade.

    Thx for all your free work here on youtube. Most people charge thousands of dollars for the same.


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