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  1. Sir, if mother candle ( bearish) covers only the body of baby candle ( bullish ) would it be considered Bearish Harami ?? or is it necessary to cover the range of baby candle ??

  2. Watching your video.we shall start 11 th video soon.It requires repeat watching to love the scenerio in candle stick.It is known to us that impusive wave bigger than corrective wave. Very similar to Power System stability in which we were taught first overshoot is bigger than second over shoot. One aspect also known that trend remains same during correction too.which was not known earlier.

  3. Nice presentation sir app se ek request hai ki app explanation on real chart pe kare aur pattern kaise form hate hai wo bataye.
    Aur uske adhar pe stop loss aur target kai deside kare wo bhi bataye
    Side way trend kab finsh hoga ye kaise pata chalega sir ye bataye

    Sir pl give me ans

  4. Very much helpful for beginners. This session increases the number of opportunities to earn profit as we just know how to make it in cash. Also, it will be helpful if you explain operational part of it, means how to sell in future and buy in cash?


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