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  1. I would suggest to anyone to sign up to the Pro Trader Report, not only do you get an email stating the markets that Steven himself is keeping an eye on each week, but you build your confidence with the strategy he teaches which I find is priceless. Thank you for everything Steven, few more months to demo trade then live it is!

  2. I would appreciate very much if Steven or anybody who can kindly explain one question in this video: Why the TCSL zone at 18'31" is different from the zone described early in the video like at 5'? In this example, the TCSL zone was End of #1 and its breakout (the Pull Back from End of #3). But at 5' it was defined as: End of #3 and its breakout. Why is this?

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  4. First of all, this is NOT a strategy you invented. There are many videos like that. Moreover, you contradict yourself. You both claim trading is less work/time than eg. Online business and that it is time consuming. If you CAN earn a ferrari by trafi g Why don't you prove it? I can be a queen, right? Even if I could I would not want to. Neither do I need a ferrari to be happy. Enjoy your trading anyway! 👍

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  6. Hey Steven I was wondering if you checked out my comments and questions? They have so many comments I was doing pretty good but never traded the forex? Is there a easy way to find my comment? What is tough for me seeing stocks pop especially if I sell: Do I need to join up where I can get that info beforehand being most times I see the pop sometimes then it’s to late. 😳

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