Scalping 16 pips at a time can produce amazing results. This videos shows the Grid Trend Multiplier Forex Robot scalping 16 pips at a time to create a return of …



  1. hello mr Alex thanks for video! please can you do all this your traning tranlate in french ?
    i'm french speaker very difficult for me to hear you very well ! suggestion you can use alexa traduction for voice and sub title for us french partner! i buy the bundle of MT5
    best regard!

  2. Hello sir, you recommended that GTM works best when you do both buy and sell at same time in a ranging market in one of your videos. In this video however , the strategy you are describing did only the sell trades(one direction). My question is : is the GTM used for this "SUPER SCALPING" same GTM used for same time buy/sell trades? Do you have many GTM or it is same GTM being used differently?

  3. Alex, you mention trading this Grid trend EA with a 10K $ account. Will this work for an initial trade account below 1000$.
    Thank you sir, as always you are an oasis of knowledge. I watch your videos at least 10 times and take notes to improve my mentality.

  4. I was watching the P&L and Floating value all the time during the backtest. It seemed that your drawdown was much larger than expected and also you made just over $3000 profit and then lost it to about $700 at the end. Does not seem like a stable approach to me. This EA will easily margin out your account.

  5. When I noticed that the equity drawdown was over $8K at one point, I don't think I could cope with that, even if the account had nearly been doubled at the end. So, I tried Alex's advice on this very volatile pair to reduce the risk by changing the gap size to 50. I also set the lot size to 0.1 and since I'm a U.S. trader, I enabled FIFO mode to make it realistic to my trading (though I have now set up separate buy and sell accounts and intend to see if a pseudo hedge can be a benefit). These setting changes resulted in a max drawdown of a little over $1K with a banked balance of $11.5K at the end of the timeframe with nearly no drawdown. So, it really does work to minimize risk by increasing the gap size. I'm going to continue to see if there's a way to buy this same timeframe. I'm up to a gap of 150 and it's almost working, at least to survive with a $3K account. I'm going to investigate the scaling gap functionality next, to see if that can help even more.

  6. grid trading is dangerous-blow account strategy (and money making Ea only for the broker and the dev that sell it..that i know from fact with all the grid trading eas i have tested) please provide live accounts that trading at least 6 months with profits and myfxbook and on questing … We trading here or gambling ?

  7. I noticed no grid stop set – which does give the grid much more room to "breathe," but if that trend really turns the other way, it could be very risky on the account, no? In my tests, I've been using grid stops equal to the target, but the stop can kill off a grid at a loss prematurely too. For operating GTM as you do here – 16-pip gaps .3 lots on $10K account, and following a trend do you recommend we use the grid stop or should we let the functionality of the grid system perform the risk management instead? Assume this trading operation on a real money account.

  8. What if the market aggressively goes against you, what method is used to manage the losing trades? Do you set an automatic overall loss closing all run trades? Very easy to show a period on a video of the system working well in perfect conditions, I would be more interested in seeing the system when the market goes against you, for full transparency to traders I suggest you show that

  9. I activated the GTM on my real account 6 jan 2020 GBPAUD and EURAUD with 20 pip grid, regarding buy and sell I determin direction once a day, primarily selling these 2 pairs during the period. The GTM took 146 trades and closed out 2.229 pips GBPAUD and EURAUD and still running. So yes, I works on live accounts. I traded 7 other pairs the same way during the same period and gained another 1525 pips there. Right now I have floating negative pips of 1.566 in 9 pairs awaiting continuation of the direction I've chosen. Moneymanagement is a keyword here together with direction. I've no stop loss, but stop level for new trades.

  10. Great video Alex. If i had to put a stop loss how would i go about determining this. Hmmm So i get this is a trading tool. So if i had to find a good trade especially in the daily or weekly. I could activate this bot in the direction of my trade . Can i set a specific stop loss (money,pip,or maybe a specific level on the chart). Scary part is i dont know how to determine an appropriate stop given how many open trades i have floating . I would need a bit in my account to let this trade play out? So much to learn but very exciting stuff . Thanks again and God Bless


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