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  1. Philosophy – " Impress & Depress " – 3:29:574:15:55

    Impress and Depress are similar words.
    Fine line between both words.

    Impress – press in ; intro , in , on , upon ; premere – to press , hold fast, cover
    Depress – to press down LOWER ; LOWER in VALUE ; premere – to press, hold fast, cover
    What is the difference ? With Depress, you are going DOWN/LOWER , instead of going in, Impress.
    "If you have to prove something that is apparent, you are taking a step back."
    When you are trying to impress people, are you trying to leave them with value,
    or are you trying to give something where it brings you up ?
    "So tell me this who you tryna impress?

    And if you don't achieve this will it leave you depressed?

    And if they don't like you now why you want they respect?

    And if you got one life to live why you do it for them?"
    MOVEMENT – Uncle Answers – my favorite UNC song
    "Make an effort to leave value."
    "Try not to do things that make you appear more valuable."
    "You need to aim up. Stop going below yourself.
    These words are similar for a reason. Watch out.

    Chill out, be clear headed. Relax and we will get it.
    "So you should just chill, for real."

    Much love, thank you for everything bro. Thank you for your guidance.
    I will buy you a house.

    Much love CULT , blessings

  2. I enjoyed todays stream for sure! I cannot believe we will be getting government visa's, also watching this news and stuff on your streams makes it much better than doing on my own. Thank you for honing my skills and I'll see you tomorrow!


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