Because I've been seen a lot of post lately about people getting scammed with these free Bitcoin giveaways and how you have to send the money to receive money I'm going to send $50 a Bitcoin to the next 10 people to post there wallet addresses.

There's nothing else to it.


As for the paranoid dude with top comment… Do you even understand how Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallets work? You're loss.

Everyone else, thanks for letting me farm your data. Suckers…. Jk.

Edit 2: Okay, I lied. I sent 12 of you $50 in bitcoin BUT, the fee came out of your $50 so you're receiving $49.00 instead.

Edit 3:Proof

Edit 4: I was going to do another giveaway of $100 to 10 random redditors but now I'm regretting even doing the first giveaway. There's so many paranoid fucks that need to go outside and stop being cynical. No one on reddit is a unique snowflake, nor do any of you matter to the point that someone would give away $1000 dollars in Bitcoin just to find out who you are. Get the fuck over yourself naysayers.

The reason I did this was because I made a post on Facebook to give $100 in Bitcoin to 10 random people that wanted to get started with Bitcoin. Only 1 person responded so I came here to make some people happy.

My life is shit and the only way I can make myself happy is to make others happy. So thank you to the people that decided to shit in my Cheerios.

My time on this earth is limited and I can't take my money to hell with me.

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