Hey All, I am hoping for some tips for some alternative way to get Bitcoins that can be accessed quickly…something nearly as convenient as these 2 options but less shady than Cash.app (banned me without warning or cause after buying BTC a few times) or a complete ripoff like Coinstar (claims a 4% transaction fee, but doesn't mention that they decide the exchange rate at whatever price they want that is always way less than the actual rate; for example, I fed $980 into a machine a few hours ago, and by the time it is ready to transfer out, is worth about $840 a few hours later). Aside from dealing with some random stranger on a matchmaking site connecting buyers & sellers, is there any other US-legal platform that can perhaps handle some of the same functions as Coinbase without the 3-5 day delay required when buying coins with a checking account (and then dealing with the bank's refusals & security obstacles based on the assumption that anyone trying to deal in BTC is a criminal)? Any tips appreciated.

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