So i created a full node and a lightning node from scratch.

Coming back to bitcoin after few years, i wanted to see what the lightning network was.

So i changed my vps to a dedicated server (to add more storage) and started my journey.

The first thing was to install the full node.
there's some nice ressources to do that, but you have to find them.
I started with but the cli instructions are almost non existent.
I then found which is great!
Protip: you have to create a config file by yourself.
I created a wallet and waited for the blockchain to finish downloading.

Then i added a lightning node.
I used lnd because i like the go language. The program is great but i found the user documentation lacking. is a nice ressource, but you don't need to set an rpc user, lnd will use the cookie auth automagically if you're running as the same user as bitcoind (and provide bitcoind path probably..?).
Protip: To create a qrcode with your lightning address you can use qrencode:
lncli newaddress p2wkh
qrencode -o address.png 'bitcoin:bc1youraddress...'

Once everything looked to run smoothly i wanted to add funds to my lightning wallet.
Protip: you can directly transfer fund to it. no need to transfer funds in your full node wallet (don't know why i did that..).

I manually opened few channels with other nodes, but using the autopilot feature from lnd seems to work fine.

Lastly, i wanted some sort of dashboard so i added because i'm fluent in python , the project is straightforward, read only, and good looking.

You can check my node at

If you have any questions or remark, don't hesitate. Hope it can help someone else.

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